Mortgage Broker Regulators' Council of Canada

Licensing Information Tool

The MBRCC has developed an online tool to assist in identifying the possible licensing1 requirements that may apply to mortgage brokering transactions with elements in multiple provinces. The tool is intended to provide general guidance for mortgage brokers2 and prospective mortgage brokers on the license(s) that may be needed for transactions when the broker, borrower and/or property are in different provinces.

Each province has its own legislation, regulations and policies that are used to determine whether a mortgage broker license is required. The tool simplifies the licensing process by considering the location of three key elements in a transaction: the broker, the borrower and the property. These three elements typically affect the applicable rules and regulations. However, there may be other factors influencing the actual licensing requirements that are not accounted for by this tool.

It is important to note that the location of the brokers includes not only the province in which the broker and brokerage are physically located, but also any province where a person holds oneself out as being a broker. This includes but is not limited to advertising, making claims to be a mortgage broker in a province or acting as a mortgage broker.

For guidance on the possible licensing requirements for a multijurisdictional transaction, use the dropdown boxes to select the appropriate location of the broker, the borrower and the property. The results will indicate the province(s) whose licensing requirements possibly apply. In all cases, it is recommended that you contact the MBRCC member(s) from the province(s) indicated for further information (MBRCC members).