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blank all orders in the order of publication date. Using date and regulator controls you can obtain orders published by specific regulator in a given time range.
single word
contain the word suspend and its derivatives suspended, suspends, suspending
several words
suspend authorisation
contain all words (suspend authorisation) and their derivatives not necessarily one after the other (AND operation)
text in quotes
"19 (3)"
contain exact text (19 (3))
several words linked by OR
suspend OR cancel
contain suspend or cancel or both with its derivatives
word with the wildcard *
the words that start with the letters (sus) and have all different endings suspend, sustain, suspect, etc.
Boolean expression
(suspend or cancel) six month -commencing
compliex Boolean expressions can be used, for example documents that contains six and month, do not contain commencing and contain either or both suspend or cancel
word with + or – sign

contain the word suspend without derivatives (when +);
do not contain word suspend or derivatives (when -);
do not contain word suspend without derivatives (when -+)